Sunday, May 1, 2011

While we were away...

While Kurt and I were busy "skulking about" in London last month, Liam was home with Gramma and Grumpa having SO MUCH FUN! We are so thankful that they were able to take the time away and make the trip up from Oregon to stay with Liam and take care of the house and dogs for us so we could sneak away... I thought I would feel really sad leaving Liam for so long, but with the assurance he was being well cared for and loved... I was ok, and really able to enjoy being away. SO - THANK YOU Mom and Dad! This was the best gift ever!

Now.. on to what Lima Bean did while we were away...
In addition to playing "hooky" from school for a week... they kept this kid BUSY!

He was busy hammering away and fixing things like his "Grumpa"

He got to go see a LIVE performance of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" at church... and even got a couple of bites of a REAL Wonka "Scrumdidlyumcious" bar that Gramma brought for him :) he LOVED that... and I heard even started chanting "CANDY CANDY CANDY" at the end of the performance!

He got to be the KING OF THE HILL!

He crossed bridges w/ Gramma.

He got aquainted with his shadow... he has been really into "Peter Pan" lately, and asked Gramma if his shadow needed to be sown to his feet because he didn't want to lose it!

He climbed through tunnels.

He fed the ducks!

He shot some hoops with Grumpa - how cute is it that my dad brought out a step stool!!

They took long walks on the beach.

They did a little shopping at the do it center and Liam found a sweet spot!

They planted grass seeds in egg shells ...

So, that by Easter, we would have these lovely table decorations - they turned out AWESOME!

They planted some herbs for me :) Been using the chives and parsley a TON - they are getting so big already!

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Anonymous said...

We were so happy to be able to spend this time with Liam. He was so good and so much fun to be with. Really the gift was to US! He is so smart, so sweet, so athletic, so curious, and just a happy boy! You guys deserved a little break, and we were happy to help you get that. Oh ya, the dogs were good too!