Thursday, October 6, 2011

Family Weekend

October is here (my most favorite of months!).
We have a NEW family tradition... to celebrate the month of October - we have officially determined that the FIRST weekend in October is FAMILY weekend!!!!

This is great for many reasons... one being that there is an awesome celebration in our town called "Reyes Adobe Days" - and we happen to live right off of "Reyes Adobe" street - where they host a Saturday morning parade which blocks off our entire street, leaving us HOMEBOUND until at least NOON on the first Saturday of October... awesome!

This family weekend - we walked to the parade (video to come - Liam met optimus prime... his highlight)... then we decided we would do a little backyard camping!
It was superfun - we grilled out, made smores, had candlelight campfires, slept in a tent and read scary stories. (We brought the iPad into the tent and listened to animated versions of kids campfire songs too). Liam really enjoyed his camp out, and made it through the night in the tent - but by about 6am, he was ready for "wakeup time" - so we hiked about 2 feet to the family room for some Nick Jr. / Coffee/ Bacon / Eggs/ and OJ!

Liam being silly behind the mosquito net

More silly time w/ Daddy. notice the sleeping bag liam is sitting on is the original Coleman sleeping bag from Kurt's childhood! It's in perfect condition!

A very rare photo with me actuallly in the shot (i hate it) but its rare to get a photo of me... to prove, that i actually was there - i do exist! (i swear, i really do!)

he was a big fan of the sleeping bag!

ok.... later Sunday afternoon - AFTER camping, we spent some time in the backyard cleaning up - Liam was making the funniest faces... this is one I had NEVER seen.... and haven't seen again! WTF - who's kid is this???

This is a face I am used to seeing often!

See! Told ya.... If you are wondering WHERE this amazing play structure came from... it is courtesy of our friends Ryan and Kim who's kids have loved it for many many years, but no longer play with it, and needed the backyard space for a BRAND NEW trampoline... so - they donated it to Liam (cool friends - right?)

He is the King of this castle!

It has a telescope and steering wheel, so he kind of thinks it is a pirate ship (pretty fitting for this little matey!)

i LOVE this photo - it totally reminds me of the faces that he would make when he was about 9 months old! It's fun to see all of the "faces of Liam" ... what a character! (My FAVORITE character)

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Anonymous said...

looks like lots of family fun with the camp-out! Love the new play structure, he will have lots of fun with it. Such a cutie, funny faces and all! Seems like he is such a big boy now!