Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ghostly Lemon Cake Pops

Halloween seems like a distant memory with Thanksgiving on the not so distant horizon (it's NEXT WEEK!)

When flipping through the October edition of my favorite magazine (Food and Wine) ... I saw these super cute ghostly lemon cake pops and had to try my hand at making them for Liam's Halloweeen school party. They were a hit :) and pretty easy to make (messy, but easy) and best of all - it calls for STORE BOUGHT pound cake! great short cut! (also, i melted chocolate chips for the eyes - it called for a special marker that i didn't have, the chocolate worked fine, and didn't mess with the flavor of the lemon.)

Link to the recipe:

My kitchen assistant :) he is big fan of lemon!

The gang of ghosts.
Packaged up and ready to share.

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Anonymous said...

those were really delicious! He makes such a good assistant! very cute idea! xoxo gramma