Saturday, November 19, 2011

tree lighting at the promenade - a standing and a new tradition!

The Promenade tree lighting snuck up on us this year - I just heard about it pretty much the day it was happening. Luckily we all were in town and game to go!
We ran into the gorgeous Santiago family who we also saw there last year.
We even were able to hookup with a couple of Liam's besties - Andrew and Connor :)
We missed the Liljegren's this time around - but they were with us in spirit!

The gorgeous tree, and my gorgeous boys.

I think I saw mistletoe hanging somewhere!
A NEW tradition... we went into "Cost Plus World Market" which is a store in the promenade that sells all kinds of great Christmas tree decorations. We told Liam he could pick out ANY one he wanted. He picked out what he is calling "My Sunday School"... how cool.

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Anonymous said...

what a fun and beautiful tradition. We also took you and Mike to the tree lightings here. I love the new one too. He picked a really beautiful ornament! xoxo gramma