Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How quickly we forget

So - I've noticeably taken a very extended break from blogging.  I've been posting pics and blurbs on Facebook and Insta... but have not taken the time to document precious moments and daily blessings. It wasn't until I recently stumbled upon an old blog post of mine that I was reminded just how memories fade.  I had forgotten things... things that happened just three years ago.  Things that Liam said, and did. I had forgotten what his sweet 9 month old giggle sounded like, and forgot just how attached he had been to his beloved TAR until just 5 months ago.  I had forgotten how one summer we watched the movie CARS every.single.day!  I had forgotten how little he was when we brought him home, how much fun we had at our "build your own pizza party", and how sad i was when baby Liam got sick for the first time at just three months old. I forgot how awful that split pea green soup colored shiny paint looked on my walls (thank god we changed that) and most heart breaking, I forgot that I used to write a simple note to my sweet Liam every month explaining what he had learned that was new, documenting any milestones such as rolling over, first words (cool), things that cracked us up (like crackers),  and how much more I fall in love with him every day.

Well, things still crack us up - just yesterday Liam was quoting the movie "Wreck it Ralph"  - he quoted Sangeve during the session in the BAD-ANON meeting - he said "just because I'm bad guy... does not mean I'm bad guyy!" It was so funny - and his delivery was spot on... we were rolling, and I think he was a little surprised by how much he made us laugh. Maybe a future comedian.

He is still reaching milestones and growing everyday.  He weighs 42+ lbs (I can't keep up) and I swear sometimes he wakes up taller in the morning than he was when I put him to bed the night before. I just had to buy him all new pants and shoes because overnight - his were all too small.

He still melts my heart - mostly on a daily basis.  He is a kiss-aholic, and I'm ok with that.  I get upwards of 30 kisses at school drop-off, and his famous last words are "just one more hug mama". How can I resist?

So... this being said... I WANT TO REMEMBER all of the moments. So, I am re-committing to blogging. Not every day... but at least once a week, and of course on the special noteworthy days.  I am trying hard to "stop the glorification of BUSY" and to take the time to do this simple task - because it's important. I also want HIM to be able to read his story someday and to know how much I have loved him every single day... even before he was born.  As he gets older his brain will be filled with homework, studies, GIRLS, and regular kid and teenager stuff which surely will take the place in his brain where the small details once were - and I want him to have a resource to refer to when he needs a boost, a laugh, a  sweet memory of a simple family dinner or a summer garden planting - a spur of the moment getaway, and the song he sang to me for mother's day 2013 that made his mama cry. 

I want to remember this life... the NOW. Because soon... it will all be history.  I want this story to be His story... our family story. 

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Anonymous said...

and he will love his story! It is a very loving thing to do for him!