Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 The weekend that I had been saving for, waiting for, wanting to arrive... finally did! And of course - did NOT disappoint!

It was so good - we gave it a hashtag of its own "#pdxmeetslax" and documented it on instagram. 

My two Portland besties from Portland - Kerry and Mini-Carey (yes, that's right... I guess it was a popular name in the mid-seventies) flew up... and my bestie who is living up in Ventura - Paisley, and I took a couple of days off so that we could have some uninterrupted GIRL TIME!

Pais headed down mid-afternoon on Thursday (somehow free time mid-week is so much more decadent than on the weekend... it's like you are "Getting Away with something".  We hopped in the car, stopped by the store to pick up some wine (read: a CASE of wine), and proceeded to LAX to pick up our cute lady friends.

We all jumped in after hugs and comments on how great each other looked (i DO have some gorgeous friends!) and drove up the PCH through Venice, Santa Monica, and Malibu... it was a lovely day - but brisk and windy as we discovered when we stopped at Zuma 10 to enjoy a bottle of wine on the beach.  BUT... you don't get to hang out on the beach and drink wine with your besties, on a THURSDAY afternoon every day - so we braved the wind and sand in our wine, until we finished every last drop.

Pais and I made "surprise" reservations for the group at the Malibu Cafe.  I had been a few weeks prior, and the only thought in my head was "I HAVE TO TAKE THE GIRLS HERE". I was so stoked that they enjoyed it as much as I knew they would.  Poor Mini, the generous soul that she is wanted to pick up the bill... she didn't realize it would be upwards of $400.00! (EEK) I still owe her some cash.. need to get that in the mail.  Our meal was amazing, and Paisley picked out a delicious bottle of wine (Justin Cab). We headed back to the Menslage Maison for some Limabean time, and maybe a splash more wine... maybe :)  We drank and chatted and played with Liam.  Mini sat out by the jacuzzi while he swam and some vicious bug attacked her booty... poor girl, she was tore up and swollen, sweet Kurt went to the store to get Benadryl for her. (thanks hubby).  By the time she woke up it was all good (thank god).

Next day = SPA DAY!
We started the day w/ a green smoothie and an invigorating walk followed by quick showers and a trip tot he Westlake Village Four Seasons Resort for treatments and lunch.  Perfect as always!

Post Spa - it was time to head up to Ventura to Paisley's amazing beach house (aka "the Forest project") which we ALL love. It is the perfect zen retreat, the kind of place that if you lived there ... you wouldn't want to leave unless you absolutely had to.  Thanks Paisley for sharing it with us.  The night of course was perfect... Thai Food, Fire Pit, Laughing until our faces hurt and we begged each other to STOP.
Next morning Paisley took us on the "loop" whch was a roughly 3 mile hike up up and away where each view is more breathtaking than the one before.  Up the hills over the Ventura coast line in a trail and nature conservancy project. Post hike - it was back to Agoura for shopping, lunch, poolside, wine... and then finally the sad drive back to the airport.  

We packed a lot into 2 short days, and my love, blessing, and friendship tank is full again.
But I still can't wait for the next time.  

The windy stop at Zuma

Lifetime friends breaking bread at the M. Cafe 

Seriously, could you get prettier friends?

at the WLV Four Seasons
Poolside healthy lunch at WLV Four Seasons 

How bout them cabbage?

The view from the Forest Project

Lunch at the Rabbit Hole Cafe in Agoura 

Below is our instagram journey #pdxmeetslax - we're teenagers.

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Anonymous said...

so glad you and the girls were able to have a good visit together! Looks like a great time. $400.--yikes!