Monday, February 2, 2009

photo catch up

With the holidays, and everything going on these days, i haven't gone through my camera and downloaded all the photos or organized anything for a while. As I was looking through them tonight, there were a few that were just too cute not to share... in no particular order... just playing photo catch up!

Chillin' on the sofa.

Daddy showing me how to be a "BIG FAN"

This is a crazy V-hawk hair day

omg, how cute is this? Chris just put him to sleep with a massage, and Todd is filing his nails... we call it the "Daddy Day Spa" (Chris said that Liam fell asleep before they could give him the seaweed wrap!)

This is from that same day - all the boys were hangin out in the living room, while all the girls were in the kitchen... boy/girl segregation - just like in middle school!

This is my "build it and they will come" photo of Ace. I put this sheet and pillow down on the floor, and within 3 minutes, guess who came to test it out??? ACE FACE!

Cute Daddy and Son shot from our picnic lunch on Saturday.

I think we may even have forgotten to mention that Liam is now eating cereal like he's been doing it his whole life! This photo is the FIRST bite, and the video below is also from the first meal. We will be trying veggies later this week.. more updates on those fun adventures!


Mommy Moreno said...

How fun!! He looks like he really likes it - hehe. Cant wait to hear how the veggies go!

so this radio station up here is doing a kids crazy hair contest - the v-hawk hair day would win, hands down! :D heres the link -

and one last thing - im super jealous of that awesome stove youve got in the background!! Who is the chef at home - you or the hubbie??

kurt and kari said...

Mommy M...
thanks~we actually DID enter him,(with a different photo) a girl from work sent me the link a while ago.
vote here!

the v-hawk shot would have been a way better one to use... i tried to upload it, but i think i was too late, and i think you can only enter once!

becoming-mom said...

He's such a champion eater!! Poor Jasper, I need to give him more practice.

I love that pic with your husband.. now I see where he gets his hair!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe he eats like that his first time ever! Tye still doesn't eat like that!