Thursday, March 12, 2009

E.I. E.I. Oh No.

E.I. = the ear infection Liam had about a month ago.
E.I. - the double ear infection he was diagnosed with yesterday.
Oh No = we are getting on a plane for Oregon tomorrow.

*big sigh*

luckily he started his new antibiotics yesterday, and Dr. said he should be ok to fly on Friday... let's cross our fingers!


Tiffany said...

poor lil guy, i hope your flights go smoothly!

becoming-mom said...

Oh NO!!! Poor Liam. I got so many EIs when I was little and I remember how painful it was to fly. I hope he's better and you have a great trip. Where are you going?

becoming-mom said...

Doh! I see in your post it says oregon.