Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Travelling is hard work - Oregon, Day one.

These pictures document our travel day to Oregon last Friday. We had an 11:45 am flight, and left the house around 8:30 a.m. WAAAY earlier than normal... especially for seasoned travellers.. but we didn't know what to expect when flying w/ the babe. One tip for all of you out there w/ little ones - steer very clear of the "Family" line. Somehow they corralled us into this supposedly helpful line... which was anything BUT helpful. It was the sloooowest line EVER. We wised up and on the way home, we were through security in about 20 seconds flat in the normal line. (thank you Maclaren stroller!)
Even w/ the ear infection our little Lima Bean did GREAT on the plane ride (both there and back) We were so worried, but he was a real trooper and didn't cry... not even one tear.
I had so much fun w/ Liam on the plane, he was so curious about everything, and i even managed to stop obsessing over all of the germs and just enjoy this "first" with my little family.
We were lucky and had the whole row to ourselves, so Liam had his own seat.
He took FULL advantage of his own seat and took a nice long nap! (YAAAY)
Here is Daddy and Liam coming off the plane. This little umbrella stroller is a Maclaren Triumph - another travel tip - GET ONE , it was a dream!
It is a family tradition that my parents take us to McMenamins to eat on the way to their house after picking us up from the airport. We all got to enjoy a nice glass of their very delicious house brewed Ruby Ale... Liam enjoyed some of that fresh, clean and pure Oregon water with some banana puffs, and his first trip to the pub.

Luckiest baby ever! His Grandma had a crib set up for him at their house with the most adorable jungle bedding. He felt right at home, and within about a second became the new king of the Oregon Castle. Thanks Grandma-linkey!
Grandma got to feed Liam every day - and even had all the feeding gear ready for him. Like the bib that says "Grandma said I could"? PS can you see all of those trees outside the window - gotta love Oregon for that! Beautiful.

End of day 1.... Supercrash!


Tiffany said...

Looks good so far I'm so glad your plane ride was ok. it makes all the difference!

becoming-mom said...

Right back at you with the birthday wishes!!

I'm so glad you posted these tips, we've been hemming and hawing about a trip to florida for 5 months now. You make it seem doable.

I am so relieved to hear that Liam had no ear pain! Yay for successful first trips!