Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The nice people in Oregon!

When it comes to nice people.. you can find them in Oregon! Here are some pics of Liam with a few of the nice people he got to see while he was there. He already can't wait to go back :)

Grandma and Grandpa Deitz top the list of nice people! I mean - look at all of this attention at bath time!

Grandmas boy!

Fun with Grandpa.

Grandma and Sophie... double nice.

Reading the paper with Grandpa.

Meeting Uncle Mike for the first time.
(Mike is my only brother, and was happy to become an uncle before his 40th birthday... barely!)

"Auntie" Taylor - she is REALLY nice, and really cute too!

This is Josh - one of our bestest pals with his adorable son Grant and Liam... would you beleive Grant is a whole year older than Liam? They almost look the same size in this picture.

Austin - Josh's other adorable son - he is the most polite, well mannered,
amazing teenager i know!
Mini with her babes:)

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