Monday, March 9, 2009

weekend life - regular style.

It was a really... "regular" weekend... nothing fancy.
But we managed to have a fun time just being together and running errands.
Because my camera is broken at the time, all photos are from Kurts phone, so the quality is really poor, but you get the point.

oh - one day we forgot to capture was our fun saturday spent strolling the 3rd st promenade in Sanata Monica... we'll get it next time. (I am particularly bummed that i didn't get a shot of kurt carrying Liam on his shoulders, which was really awesome and precious all at the same time)

If you want to know what it is like to be held by a 101 year old man (almost 102) ask Liam... he spent some QT w/ his Great Grandpa this weekend, and thouroughly checked him out! Grandpa wears an emergency button around his neck... i think Liam pushed the button a time or two... luckily it wasn't a 911 response!
Liam got super-rastafari with Dad while Mom was working.

We had a sunny weekend, and we all wore shades, Liams were the best.
He is really serious here, because all he wants to do is look at that fountain behind him...
We shopped at Costco!

Costco on the weekends is very tiring.

Did I mention it was tiring??


Mommy Moreno said...

hehe! I cant believe that! (in reference to your comment on my blog :)
Im so excited that I have the same shirt as you because you are one fashionable mommy!! lol.
I want to see a pic of the new cut!
All the things we've had in common is becoming comical! I guess just similar tastes? Didnt you say something about working up here in norcal too???

Tiffany said...

Looks like a nice weekend! That is an awesome cart seat for him what is it called mine is just for sitting in. and i love the shades where did you find some that fit him?

becoming-mom said...

Aw, great pics! I love your shopping cart cover.. wheredya get it?

kurt and kari said...

thanks girls.

mommy m - yes, my corp headquarters are in palo alto... i will let you know the next time i get up there.

tiff -
the seat is called "buggy bag" - it is great because it zips up like a bag, and actually has compartments to hold stuff like diapers etc - and you put it on one handed. i think ours is just for sitting in too - but the carts at costco are big enough for a nap (for now) and the shades... you know kurt! they are actually samples from a factory he was working with while putting together a product line for some moto-x company.

ariana - - i posted the link on your blog :)

Mommy Moreno said...

Yeah! Thatd be great - maybe we can meet up for coffee or tea. Do you ever bring that sweet-face Liam up too??