Thursday, July 9, 2009

Welcome to Oregon

Liam made his second trip on an airplane yesterday! He did great - although he is now an entirely different boy... and I mean BOY. He didn't sleep a wink, was a wiggle worm, and flirted w/ the lady behind us. All in all though, he did great AND he got to meet his cousin Lucas for the first time!!

We were greeted in Oregon at my parents house by one lonely little pansy growing out of a crack int he concrete!

Isn't it cute??

Here is Liam, Lucas and my parents - comparing their feet! (Lucas is almost exactly one month older than Liam.) Looks like gramma and gramps have their hands full with these two!

They both like fish!

Liam is happy to have a pal.

Sharing is fun!

Dinnah time :)

Play time.

Random video - there are DEER here... and they just had babies!
We missed a lot of the frolicking... but here is one cute baby playing. Hopefully we will get some better footage to share this week...


Mommy Moreno said...

omg - hes getting do BIG!!! He looks like a big kid now! so cute!

becoming-mom said...

So cute the two of them together!!! So nice that he has a first cousin almost exactly his same age.