Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy 19 months Lima Bean.

You are my little helper. Helper, helper bean!
Every month i think this.. but really, this time - i swear, it gets BETTER every month... really, it does! You are blossoming, and are SOO much fun i don't know where to start!!
YOU UNDERSTAND ME... you know what i am saying.. this is HUGE. HUGE. HUGE. You know when I ask you to "wash your hands"... and you actually DO IT. same with brushing your teeth, picking up your toys, giving high 5s and kisses on command. (thats my favorite... kisses!)
You are sweet and shy, your shyness is endearing and super flirtarific!! You LOVE the ladies, especially your "aunt" Kammy - you have taken a liking to snuggling with her, and even though she is scared of kid germs... i think she kinda likes it... so, keep it up!
You LOVE to help me cook.. still. I love it. Maybe one day you will be like Curis Stone (the take home chef) who I adore... maybe you will be the next Bobby Flay, which everyone thinks looks like your Daddy. Maybe you will be your very own Food Network personality. You definitely have the PERSONALITY... now, we'll keep working on the cooking skills.
You are totall obsessed with Balls... maybe you get this from Jinx and Ace? Maybe its a boy thing... just like you absolutely LOVE cars.. I think this, you get from your grand dad - grandpa bob... he LOVES cars too.
For your 19 month bday, I bought you a water table to splash around in outside. I thought you would go crazy for this, since you love the water... and you DO like it... but you still prefer splashing about in the dog dishes... that being said... you ALWAYS surprise me... always, always...don't stop - you keep things interesting, and i love that about you. You are a little unpredictable. its ok.. its quirky... and if you weren't quirky... you wouldn't be my kid.
i LOVE you little man.

happy golden birthday... at least until you turn 19 YEARS old... may the time between now and then linger sweetly.

you like to help vacuum.


Anonymous said...

happy 19th months Liam. Grandma can't believe how big and smart you are getting! Or how much I LOVE you! You are just the sweetest thing ever!

becoming-mom said...

Happy 19 months!! The leg chub above the sock in the vacumming picture is just too much.. I want to kiss it!