Tuesday, March 23, 2010

my favorite little foodie mag. - and some substitution tips.

Do you guys subscribe to Martha's "Everyday Food"? I am a charter subscriber, and have been on board since vol. 1. and this is absolutely my GO TO mag... for weeknight recipes that are simple, delicious and use fresh ingredients... most can be done inside of 30 minutes.
this has been one that we cook often, and is super easily tweakable when we don't have all of the proper ingredients.

Green Chicken Cutlets

so.. i didn't have chicken cutlets.... so, i used some frozen chicken breasts i had in the freezer... i just thawed them out in the microwave, then pounded the hell out of them by putting them in a freezer gallon sized ziploc bag and rolled with a rolling pin. I also marinated the chicken with a little olive oil, garlic, s&p inside the bag while i prepped the topping.

so - the substitution list:
- i didn't have mint... but i had basil, so - i used that instead.
- i also didn't have feta - but i had blue... so, it had to do.
- oh, finally, i added some red onion, because - i like red onion, and luckily so does the Mr.

here is what the topping looked like - pretty, no?

so, then while the ingredients in the topping were getting accquainted, and getting to room temp... we grilled up the chicken
(ummm, i don't have a grill pan, so i used a non-stick skillet w/ some pam) it works in a pinch!
in about 4 min on each side, its ready to plate... just top with the topping, and there you go.
easy, breezy... dinner in less than 30 min.
Bon Appetit!

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that looks really yummy!!!!!!!!!!!