Monday, March 29, 2010

honorary siblings

When I think about the"L" family, i kind of think of them as "new" friends. But as we were chatting last night, we actually have known eachother for over two years! Which makes more sense because we feel like we've known them for longer :)

After our small group last night, we all impromtu - like decided that they should stay for dinner.
(Which was dino-bites for the kidd-os, and fish tacos for the grown-ups).

After the kids ate, this is what happened.. which was a miracle, because it allowed us to eat quietly with very little interruptions. (thank you AGAIN Yo Gabba Gabba!!)

How cute are they all lined up on the sofa. They are captivated!
From Left to right: Collin, Liam, Audrey and Ian)
* Liam and Ian STILL look like they could be twinners.
Here they are at Liam's first bday... so you can see that they looked a lot alike back then too!
clearly MY child is annoyed with something...
this lasted for a while...
i think TWO episodes in a row!!

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Anonymous said...

they all look so cute lined up there! AND they are being extremely GOOD!