Sunday, March 7, 2010

saturday night in.

We must be getting old.
Why? Because I never thought I would prefer a Saturday night spent at home to a night out on the town.
More and more, we are enjoying these times at home... maybe its becaue we ARE getting old, maybe it has to do with the economy - and a night in is a surefire way to save a little $, maybe its part of being a family... maybe its just plain fun... especially when good friends come over and partake on our cozy evening in.

uncle Todd and Liam built a few beautiful masterpieces with megablocks.
Liam taught aunt Kammy a thing or two about construction safety and the importance of a hard hat.
He made her demo the hat herself.
She looks pretty cute in it, and it made Limabean very happy that she is now protected.
*** intermission / put liam to bed ***

Now that Liam is snug as a bug in a rug. We do what we do best when we get together... WE COOK!
Tonights assignment. Tri-tip Beef Stroganoff with Sourdough Toasts from the March 2010 issue of Bon Appetit.
It called for WILD mushrooms.. how is this for wild? these are Oyster Mushrooms ... part scary, part intersting, and part yummy.
then - everyone's FAVORITE ingredient. BUTTAH.


* about here we started drinking some wine, and didn't take anymore photos... even the photo below isn't from last night... its actually leftovers - from today - just so you could see the finished product - which looked WAY better last night btw.
anyway - it was surpringly delicious, and super fun to try something new and challenging.

Oh -we can't forget Uncle Todd's amazing Gin-infused raspberry tart which was topped with powdered sugar and fresh whipped cream.
Would you believe the man who made this Tart is out riding his NEW Harley with Kurt today?
AND would you believe the boys did ALL the dishes?
I love that they do things like bake like a professional pastry chef, and clean up a messy kitchen one night, and ride the open road the next.
thanks for coming over and spending Saturday night in with us!


Anonymous said...

perfect night! good friends, good food, fun cooking, and the cutest little boy ever!

becoming-mom said...

Such good men are hard to find! Lucky girls :)