Sunday, August 29, 2010

red velvet cake batter.... kinda creepy.

it started out very very clean.
clean paper cups.
clean muffin tin.
liam was very clean and did a great job putting each paper liner in each hole. in fact - what spurred the spontaneous RED VELVET cupcake fest was that he found the muffin tins and brought them out and said "COOKIE". so i gave him some paper liners just for fun... to see if he could do it. And he could. he filled 24 holes... perfectly. how could i not help him finish the job?

the only box of cake mix i had in the house was red velvet. (the emphasis on the RED)
the red is kind of creepy.

see what i mean?

and he looks a bit sneaky...

like he is up to something.

see what i mean?

the kitchen was a mess. it looked like a crime scene. but - he was happy.

we were all happy.

and now we have 24 red velvet cupcakes to eat!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It does sort of look like csi in the making. He looks like he is having fun though! And the finished product looks beautiful! Bet they are yummy!