Sunday, October 17, 2010


the video below is the kind of video that only a mother or a grandmother could love. its about 45 million (ok 24) photos of liam. just liam in the same spot. just making silly faces. some of the faces are almost exactly the same from frame to frame, and most are slightly (or more than slightly) out of focus... but i had to put them ALL in. we were at the pumpkin festival of calabasas yesterday and while eating lunch, he was in a silly mood and was making funny faces.

speaking of just 24 shots... can you remember the days of film... where 24 was an ENTIRE roll. and each shot was strategically set up - and everyone had to count to three... look at the camera and be sure to say "cheese"! and it was so expensive to develop and print that you MIGHT just maybe process 3-4 rolls a year? wow, how times have changed. at any given event, i could easily snap of hundreds of shots... and maybe, just maybe there are a couple of keepers. thank god for technology! back in the days of 24 shots per roll... i don't think a shot like this would have been possible!

or any from this set!

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Anonymous said...

now this is a happy, expressive, adorable, and handsome kid! Looks like it was a fun day!!!!!!!