Friday, October 22, 2010

punkin' fest

The Calabasas Pumpkin festival was last weekend! We love this event - it is so much fun, and every year - it becomes a little more age-appropriate for Liam... this year was great! It was great because Liam is REALLY into pumpkins - and because the weather was perfect... a little cool - but shouldn't it be a little cool at a FALL festival? Last year when we went - it was over 100 degrees... WAY too hot! Speaking of the year after year thing... something crazy hit me when we went to the festival this year.. It was Liam's THIRD time to the same event. THREE years in a row! Doesn't that make him sound like a kid and NOT a baby? Seriously... THREE years in a row. wow. Sometimes I just want to stop the clock, make it slow down and just enjoy every moment again and again. When they say "these are the days"... I think they are talking about THESE days.... these precious fleeting days of childhood.
slow it down already!

here are the links to pumpkin fest years ONE and TWO... look how much Liam has grown! Oh... and the last two years happened to fall on the 19th of the month... so the blog posts were dedicated to his monthly bday - which I haven't done since he turned two. It just seems like at two - you stop counting the months... maybe i should start it up again?

Liam loved this punkin-man. We could see him from the table we were eating lunch at. At one point the punkin-man had to take a break and Liam became very concerned about where he went. We told him that punkin-man had to take a nap.... which seemed to pacify his curiosity. Needless to say, the minute punkin-man came back out - he rushed to go get a photo with him!
Kurt just LOVES his boy, and the feeling is mutual. Liam LOVES him some Daddy! - and now that Liam is getting a little older - they are really having a blast together!

See... he REALLY is into pumpkins! Here he is kissing one!

I hope I never forget this little smile.
Meeting a bat!


Anonymous said...

once again the pictures are just precious. thanks for the great blogging you do - this gramma sures loves it!

becoming-mom said...

I know, what is it with kids and pumpkins? They just love them!

Such cute pics :)