Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Notre Dame

After a short break from blogging - I am back with some travel stories. There has been a lot of travel in the last month, so I am likely to forget some things - but I will start with our trip last week to South Bend, IN. Since, this trip was eventful, I am going to break it down into some parts. The first part would be our time spent on the Notre Dame campus. Kurt has always talked about Notre Dame with affection and I never quite understood what the admiration stemmed from until I stepped foot on campus on a game day! First, let me start out by saying that EVERYONE in town is a ND fan... The girls at McDonald's ALL wore ND garb - as did seemingly every person you passed on the street (especially on game day).

Here are some photos of game day.

We rented a Sienna Mini Van while we were there - mostly becuase I am completely obsessed with the awesome marketing of the swagger wagon! And actually, it wasn't half bad for a mini-van. Liam loved it the most - and kept himself entertained during tailgate time!
So did the rest of the gang.. and BEER - the breakfast of champions! What you can't see in this photo is that they are all watching the movie RUDY - the screen is behind Scott. If you haven't seen "Rudy" - watch it (that is unless you don't feel like crying today).

Liam got a lucky ND Shamrock painted on his face, and enjoyed a little Capri-Sun that we bought on campus.
Grammy M, Liam and Daddy posing next to the Knute Rockney statue.
Kurt and the most awesome Sister in Law in the world!

Lima Bean and Uncle Scott (yes.. the BEST Brother in Law in the world)

Proud Papa and his boy strolling campus. Maybe one day Liam will go here and play for the Irish? (Sounds good... but awfully far away!)
The charming couple.
Kurt and his mama - they have this same photo taken nearly ten years ago!
Uncle Scott was teaching Liam how to feed the swans... The swan was very interested in Scott's fingers!
"no smiling"

Grammy M bought Liam a lucky leprechaun at the ND bookstore (which by the way was the most crowded bookstore I have EVER seen. I could stand to be in there about 12 seconds before I planned a speedy escape).

Too tired to stay and watch the football game - which was ok by me.
- ND got crushed
- Liam had a nice and much needed nap
- Sherri and I got some much needed sister time
- Arlene and her boys got some much neeed family time
- we did more than just hang out on campus while we were there... more about Cory Lake, The Finkenbrink memorial, Liam's trip to urgent care and the house Grammy M grew up in (and Great Grandpa built brick by brick soon).

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Anonymous said...

very cute pics. Looks like an interesting place. You guys were very busy!! Can't get over what a big boy Liam is now! Love the pic with the swan especially.