Monday, October 25, 2010

when it rains...

IT doesn't rain very often around here... but we have had a little spell of wet weather over the past week of so. Over the weekend - a funny thing happened. Liam picked out his own outfit - which in itself isn't odd... he likes to choose what he wears these days. What is funny, is that he put this fabulous look together including the rain boots... the boots have been in his shoe basket since mid summer, and he has never shown much interest in them, and has never asked to wear them before. Mysteriously - no other shoe would do on this rainy day.

Quite a sense of style this little man has. Afterall... he is his father's son!
Some other observations about this shot... yes - tha is a trader joes sticker on his cheek. He left it on ALL day - and yep - it left a mark. He has a golf ball in one hand - and some Dia De Los Muertos postcard in his other hand (we got that one from the pumpkin festival, and today, he didn't want to let it go???)

Just as cute from the back!
very concerned about his "punkin bucket"

"these boots are hard to walk in!"

Another fun rainy day activity... FORTS! Daddy helped build Liam this really cool fort. He had two entrances, a pitched roof, a lantern to light it up - and it was stocked with snacks. He played in here for hours! (The dogs liked it too - especially the snacks!)
Welcome to my fort!
I think he secretly (or not so secretly) wishes for more rainy days!


Anonymous said...

Too cute for words!!

becoming-mom said...

Such a cutie! He's definitely stylin - so cute that he knew to wear his rainboots in the rain!