Monday, November 15, 2010

harvest fest at cornerstone and gobble gobble cookies

Liam's preschool had a Harvest Festival yesterday. It was super fun. There was live music by Melissa Green, Arts and Crafts and a Bake Sale! The Bake Sale was created to raise money for some extra programs at school - like for SNOW day - when they bring tons and tons (literally) of snow in for the kids to play on! So - Liam got his "BAKE ON"!

we decided to bake traditional sugar cookies shaped like TURKEYS - because they say "gobble gobble" and Liam LOVES saying "gobble - gobble"
and fall leaves
Liam had a lot of fun cutting out the shapes
he liked kissing the turkeys

and of course - eating the dough!
" no mommy, i didn't eat any dough!"
here is how our turkeys turned out - gobble gobble!
all packaged up and ready to sell.
oh... this explains why i inherit 2 cups of sand each time i take his shoes off when he comes home! it totally makes sense now. (those are his friends sadie and ted)
all boy - look at that dirty face.
we pulled up a blanket on the lawn for ths show.
this cutie is liam's friend mackenna - they are good pals!
"hat and glasses OFF mommy!"

the kids LOVE Melissa Green!

... Liam's bake sale intake:
1) Brownie
1) Oatmeal Cookie
1) Chocolate chip Sandwich Cookie
mine... well, thats personal.

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Anonymous said...

this looks like it was a very fun and special family day! cookies look delicious. recipients of them are very lucky! Liam, of course you look adorable.