Tuesday, November 23, 2010

just another day at the park

the mercury has finally dropped below 60 degrees - which in southern california is call for boots, hats, scarves and winter sweaters! it rained most of the weekend - but after the storm - sunday brought us a crisp beautiful fall day. after church we scooped up the doggies, grabbed some take out and headed to our favorite neighborhood park. this park is awesome, it's small but open, the dogs love to run, and the playground equipment is just Liam's style!
We can see the park from our house!
We can see our house from the park!
We always have fun when we come here! It's nothing special... just an ordinary park... just an ordinary day. Don't you wish we had more of those?

Liam and Daddy waving from the tall spirally slide!
A boy and his Jinxie dog. They had a blast running and running and running around together!

Even Ace Face was giving out kisses!

This seems to be the most common view I get of Liam these days - of his back - running away. Always curious about the world - on to the next thing. Growing up way too fast.
Really... you CAN see our house! It's just a stones throw away as the crow flys!


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Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone is having a lot of fun!! Liam, you always make gramma smile and have joy in her heart!!