Thursday, November 11, 2010

whoooosh - its windy out there!

we definitely have that "wind blown" look today! the dust that this wind kicks up makes my eyes all watery and itchy, and every time i look in the mirror, i notice some new particle of the outdooors that has landed in my hair... its a great look.

while i was dropping liam off at pre-school, his beloved basketball hoop blew over! the backboard cracked, and the hoop is all bent up :( bummer.

its hard to capture wind on a still shot - but, whoosh! even the needles on the pine tree are getting blown around.

this umbrella ended up in our yard... it's not ours - i don't know who's it is? if you are missing a green market umbrella - we have it, come and claim it!

this is a little more than just SWAYING in the wind - these poor palm trees... i hope they recover!

stay safe out there - don't blow away!

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Anonymous said...

hope everyone is ok...didn't know it was that windy there.