Tuesday, November 2, 2010

meet the cast...

Halloween...it's over!
it was a whirlwind around ourhouse. PARTY PARTY PARTY! I love it. Isn't this what it should be like? No wonder October is my FAVORITE MONTH!
We partied. We played. We had FUN. FUN. FUN.!
We took 5 billion photos!
Here are a few - no photoshop - SOOC. too many photos to edit. ALL FUN!
Come and meet the characters that made our Halloween this year the BEST EVER!

From left to right: Grammy M, Daddy, Mama, Liam-Lakerbiy, Gramma D.

Liam the Laker-boy and Ms. Amy a.k.a. Madame butterfly (LOVE HER)

The Laker Boy - this was his costume of choice. he wants to wear his "laker shirt" and "laker shorts" EVERY DAY. oh and Laker Shoes TOO!!! have we created a monster?

Ms. Danielle - a.k.a. "Ms. Anielle" - or Ms. Butterfly. Liam adores this girl, she is the SWEETEST! LOVE HER.

BUZZ! He loves Buzz, and we totally thought this would be the costume of choice. He wore this exactly three minutes while he opened and ate Ms. Amy's sweet Halloween treat that was nestled in his "pack pack"

"too cool for school - i don't need no stinking costome" boy. LOVE my "popsickle" which is a dum-dum - his favorite halloween treat.
Daddy, Liam and the Storm Trooper.

Master Carver - Daddy! And "punkin-guts"!

"Grammy-M" the "Cleanest and MOST exact pumpkin carver you ever did meet!
SHAAAARK ATTACK! we bought this costume on clearance at Old Navy... it ALMOST fits this year. Kurt persuaded Liam to wear this for the mock trick-or-treat we did upstairs the night before Halloween. We tried to get him used to the process, and teach him to say thank you, and only knock on doors with the lights ON.

Mama. Reading the Halloween At The Zoo book to her Lima-Shark! Orange Stripeys and all! This book, by the way - is AWESOME..if you don't have it... BUY IT!
THE MUMMY! He wore these awesome Mummy Pj's from TJ Maxx at the Melissa Green concert at Americana at Brand on Halloween with good friends The Levy's!
Oh LOOK! the jack-o-lantern cast!
From left to right:
Traditional Happy Jack-o-Lantern by Grammy M and Daddy
Monkey Skull - by Mommy
Tato - by Liam
Farmer Baby - by Liam
"Liam" - by Gramma D.

"AAAAARGH" Pirate.

Gramma D - and the fist bump... eating a "sketti" lunch.


Anonymous said...

love all of the pics, as they remind me of how much fun we had!! Liam really did enjoy Halloween, and what a TREAT it was for me to be a part of seeing him have so much fun, from the school party, to trick-or-treating, to carving punkins, to seeing a concert, a little babysitting, and just playing in a cool little blanket fort, with a sweet boy!

becoming-mom said...

OMG, I thought I took a lot of Halloween pictures LOL! You guys, as usual, know how to have a great time.. what an adorable little laker/shark/mummy Liam is!

So smart to get him used to the process the night before - why didn't I think if that?

Jasper's favorites were also the dum dums!

Kari said...

LOL Ariana - the mock trick or treat was fun... the backlash of it all, is that he now keeps asking to go trick or treating upstairs!

Jasper was the best cowboy in the world! Liam saw him and said "jasper-woody"! (although - Jaspers costume was WAY better than Woody's!)