Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chicken Saute with Sugar Snaps and Asparagus

I'm still working on cooking my way through Kristine Kidd's book :) Not doing a very good job of documenting it...
I HAD to write about this one though - as it is so spectacular, it actually graces the cover of her book. Plus, spring is here and asparagus is in abundance, win-win!

Here is the link to the recipe online.

I followed the recipe pretty closely, it was easy quick and used simple ingredients. (I love this book!) The one thing that i did not have on hand was the sugar snap peas - i used green beans, because thats what i had - but i bet it would be more "special" with the sweetness and crunch of the fresh sugar snaps. Next time I will prepare to cook this, and buy the right ingredients. Even with a major substitution, the flavors were right on and got big props and has been categorized in the "make this again" category!

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Anonymous said...

it looks delicious! You have become such a good cook.