Saturday, May 14, 2011

Down on the farm... Tye's 4th Birthday!

Liam's good friend Tye turned 4 yesterday and today was the BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY at Underwood Family Farms. Tye's Mommy's name is Henny... so, it was only fitting that all of us were corralled in the "Hen House"! This was a really FUN and perfect party - all of the kids had so much fun. Liam especially had a good time, and it was so cute because most of the kids go to school together at Cornerstone. Tye and most of his friends are in the "threes" class... and Liam is in the "twos" ... but there was one little boy from his class - and he knew a lot of them from after school care when they all play together.

He picked out his own outfit.. which was pretty fitting - he actually wanted to wear cowboy boots and a "Farmer shirt" when we told him we were spending the day at the farm! Smart cookie.

One of the first things we did was go on a wagon ride that was pulled by Clydesdale horses - it was pretty spectacular and took us all around the massive farm. This is Tye, the birthday boy and his daddy.
After the wagon ride, we all got some animal food to feed the animals on the farm... Liam fed the Peacock, Turkey, Emu, Alpacas, Rabbits, Goats, Bulls, Horses, Pigs... and many more.

He loved this wooden "choo choo" train!

Not as much as driving the full sized "John Deere" combine! This may have been the highlight of his day... he could drive, drive, drive and never get bored of it.

Tye had the most amazing cake... a two tiered farm cake decorated in fondant, complete with the animals - the cookie favors were pretty stinkin' cute too... sugar cookie farm animal cut outs and barns that said "Tye's Farm"... I die.

While we waited for some of that yummy cake, Liam and Daddy played "king of the hill" on the hay stack.

Cake Time! This boy has a sweet tooth, and apparently loves fondant!

Busy little farm hands sure wear themselves out quickly. This was taken about 4 seconds after we drove out of the parking lot!

Thank you for inviting us to your party Tye! We had a wonderful time! Happy Birthday Friend.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fun farm day. Looks like a great place for a bday party. Love the cowboy boots, perfect for the farm boy for the day.. Glad he had a good time helping celebrate Tye's bday.