Saturday, October 4, 2008

Farewell to Paul Newman - Liam's first movie

Sadly, this week actor and philanthropist Paul Newman died at the age of 83. In remembrance, Kurt and I decided to take Liam to his first outdoor movie at Malibu Family Wines. They were playing "Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid".

All ready to go to the movie!

The view from our table.

Some very blurry screen shots.

"Next time I say lets go someplace like Boliva, LETS GO SOMEPLACE LIKE BOLIVIA!"

For Liam's very FIRST MOVIE outing, he did wonderfully, and slept through most of it. Not bad for just 6 weeks old! It was the very first cool night that we have had in months, and even though there was a slight chill in the air (61 degrees in Malibu) we all bundled up, and it felt great to be outside.

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Mommy Moreno said...

He is such a CUTIE!
and you look great!