Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sick boy...

It was bound to happen, I just didn't think it would happen this soon... I was hoping at least we could hold off until AFTER he was three months old... but, he got his first cold. He started getting a runny/stuffy nose on Thursday, and we called the Dr. first thing Friday morning. We were unable to see his regular Dr. but saw another Dr. that we actually had seen while Liam was in the hospital. The Dr actually told us that Liam had RSV Virus which I had not at that time heard of, so of course I did what all new moms do - I googled it. BAD IDEA. I read all kinds of horrible things about RSV, ending in "potentially fatal", and "commonly requires hospitalization"!!! Way to freak a new mom out! Conicidentally we ran into my friend Kathy who is an ER nurse and she assured me that without a certain test (which they did NOT perform) that there was no way they could make an RSV diagnosis. (BIG SIGH OF RELIEF) So, we saw his normal Dr. on Monday for his 2 month appt, and he said he felt confident that what Liam had was a run of the mill cold (a bad one... but just a cold).

Poor baby boy... too little to be sick, but he was a trooper and didn't complain. I took advantage of the situation and got a LOT of snuggle time :)

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