Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kris and Abby come to visit

Kris and Abby came out to visit and help out a little w/ Liam for the weekend!
Kurt and I were able to go out to dinner alone for our anniversary while Kris watched Liam on Friday night - that was nice, it was the first time we had been out together without Liam since my mom left (so... 6 weeks!) We had a nice dinner at Leila's Wine Bar in Oak Park and felt like adults again.
Liam and I also made a big trip to the BIG Topanga Mall w/ Kris and Abby on Saturday - it was pretty funny, Kris and I - two girls who I remember partying it up in Vegas... walking through the mall with strollers! Hello reality check! Liam did great, and slept most of the time, its always good to get out. We had some crazy fires going on and heavy smoke, so us girls and Liam actually spent all of Monday inside the house, and Kris and Abby extended their trip one more day so we were able to spend a little more time with them. We had a visit from Karen and Elaine on Monday (and forgot to take pics... sorry Karen!!) but it was great to see them - Karen travelled all the way from Indiana!
Me w/ Abby and Kris w/ Liam

Liam in the Big Bed

Tiff hosted a Ladies and Kids night while the boys went to the SAE anniversary bash. Here is Jo and Tiff feeding Nate and Abby. The twins are doing great and getting cuter every day!

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