Monday, June 22, 2009


Playing catch up over internet has been down since last Thursday - the repair guy should be here today. I am shamelessly poaching the neighbors wireless signal. (neighbors if you are reading, thank you for NOT password protecting your signal) You should see me, I am sitting as close as possible to the window facing their house... yeah - its pretty.

LOTS to report - I will be back throughout the week w/ updates on:
* Girls weekend (all the kari/carey/kerrys got together) there was wine involved... LOTS of wine as well as a visit to the FourSeasons.
* Happy 10 months Lima Bean (i have a draft written, need to post and download some pics)
* Fathers Day (it involved the beach, driving, and lima bean shaking his booty at his first was really nice)

oh, by the way - HOW is June already almost OVER??????

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becoming-mom said...

oh crap about the internet, was wondering where you've been. Thank you neighbors! Can't wait to see the coming attractions ;)