Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy 10 months Lima Bean

Double Digits.
Two High Fives.
Big One-OH!

No matter how you say it – you are ten months spectacular!
This past months has been so cool.. you are coming into your own in a big way.
You make friends easily – you even help Mommy to make friends – thanks kidd-o!
You are a SUPER fast crawler, you pull up and are cruising on everything. You are becoming one independent little boy. You are a WIGGLE WORM when we try to change you... you never sit still, not for a minute, and you are always on the go. If you don’t walk in the next month I will be surprised. But if you don’t – that is perfectly ok… do not grow up too fast please! I want to savor baby Liam as long as possible.

This month you went to some bday parties, had a visit from G-link, hosted a pool party, enjoyed being the center of attention when your “aunties” came to see you, and became a super-swimmer! Hmmm... are you a PARTY ANIMAL ALREADY???

Liam you are a joy plain and simple. Your smile is contagious, and your laugh could bring in millions if we were able to bottle it up. I think I have mentioned this before, but you are a clown, and the more you grow into your personality, the more I see it. You love hide and seek, you love being read to – and you even are starting to have favorite books. (right now, it’s the monster book and the noisy farm/noisy pals books). You are a performer and you love to be the center of attention (which of course in our little world, you are.) You make your puppy Ace very jealous, and a bit neurotic. I think though, in a few years you will be best of pals.

You have been struggling with teething in a big way. You don’t complain much, but I can tell you are uncomfortable. You have a runny nose – and this has gone on for weeks. The Dr. says it is due to teething… I am beginning to wonder if you suffer from allergies. I really hope you are not allergic to your pups. There are 2 cats at daycare – they also could be the culprit… or maybe plain old dust. Who knows? We won't – at least until you are old enough for allergy tests.

You are a talker! Na na na nana , Ma m ama ma mama , Da da da da da da doh, Go Go Go Goooo Goo Gah, Dog. These are your faves.

Where has the time gone? You are not a teeny beanie any more… which makes me a little sad – but I love the bean machine you are.
Happy 10 months sugar bean

On the morning of your 10 month bday, you saw your beloved wagon outside, and really want to get to it!

A sample reading from the Monster Book (your first choice in books). Usually you don't cry when the last monster tries to kiss you... you actually kiss back.. but - what can i say, this time - you wanted nothing to do with kissing.
(can we say INDEPENDENT???)


Anonymous said...

oh so sweet! I remember Liam loved the monster book when I was down this last time! We read it lots of times, can't believe he is still loving it. What a cutie pie.

becoming-mom said...

Happy 10 months Liam! I love that monster book.. Jasper would just eat it up. Literally :)