Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kerry, Kari, Carey

Remember that early 90's band "Tony"Toni!Tone!"? You know.. they sang that song "It never rains in Southern California"? So... we are the modern day equivalent to them... except - we are: "Kerry, Kari, Carey" (otherwise known as "Moyer, Grande, and Mini"... and when we get together it actually DOES rain in Southern California - I blame that on Kerry and Carey who must have brought the rain from Oregon down with them when they visited the weekend before last. The good news is that it only rained one day, and we made the best of it!

I picked the ladies up early Saturday morning at LAX - and brought the makings for Mimosa's (i think you can see on the clock it reads 8:59.. that is A.M.!) we don't mess around. Mini played bartender and made us a drink to enjoy while we walked down the Malibu boardwalk where we enjoyed a great breakfast w/ a killer view of the ocean! (i guess we didn't get a pic w/ my camera of the restaurant /boardwalk??)

Remember in the last post where I mentioned there was wine involved? Here is proof. We went to the Malibu Estates Winery to check out some Music on Saturday night - yes, when we realized that we were singing"Brown-eyed girl.. sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah" at the top of our lungs... it was time to go.

Moyer looking glam and Fab.

Kerry (Moyer)'s bday was the Monday before the girls came to visit - we celebrated with a BBQ on the Sunday that they were here. Kurt played like Bobby Flay and was Grillin and Chillin. (Remember the Laker Win? this was the same night... AND the reason he is in a great mood!)

There was a pretty sunset on Sunday night as well. I am so proud of us that none of us has a drink in our hand! Way to go girls!

Moyer posing for Mini's camera while I stole a shot of her and her spectacular bday cupcakes. No, i didn't make them - but ordered them from the Malibu Kitchen. (And more proof that wine was involved)

The girls left on Monday - but not before we had a chance to enjoy the spa at the Four Seasons Westlake Village. Just one word describes the experience "paradise". Mini said "can we do this once a week?"... two words for you Mini... "I WISH"!
3 observations about this photo:
1) Moyer and I are both wearing our old maternity swim suit cover ups! that was a funny conversation.
2) notice that we still have on our spa slippers - nice.
3) It becomes rather apparent in this shot which one is "mini"!


becoming-mom said...

Looks like so much fun! My best friends from growing up and I decided we must get together like this at least once a year.. as soon as Jasper is weaned I'm all over it!!

Anonymous said...

looks like you all had fun!! The cupcakes were huge and looked fantastic! You all deserved the Spa day. You all looked great in the pics.