Tuesday, June 16, 2009

GREAT - but not a cause for riot!

I think Kurt is happy to have another fan in the house to celebrate with!

Thanks Heather for the use of the mini-Laker Jersey... I think Liam wearing old faithful NUMBER 8... with the addition of Cole and Mack the Lake Show was ON!! It was a happy happy night in our house - because we all know - a Laker loss takes it STRAIGHT to negative town in a fast way.

and apparently big fans who have a similar sense of putting together interesting outfits!

Somebody is happy!
p.s. we, as Laker fans are embarrassed by the Riots over the Laker win here in the city... whats up with that??


Anonymous said...

since the blazers were already out, glad your team won. Looks like a fun day!

becoming-mom said...

Love the victory dance!!

Happy 10 months Lima bean :)