Thursday, June 4, 2009

hawk update

The whole hawk thing has been amazingly cool, entertaining, educational, fun etc. I am getting a little sad because our hawk babies are all grown up - have taken flight and we don't see too much of them anymore. Their peak flight school was Memorial Day weekend which was great because everyone who came over got a "birds eye" view of the babies soaring from tree to tree never straying too far from the nest. Now - they are confident, cool - and so grown up I can barely tell the babies from the parents.
Here are pics from some of the latest visits. All just taken w/ a point and shoot - no editing done. Man, if I only had a great camera! Next season for sure! I hope they come back!

littlest baby hanging out on the fence, this was great - it stayed there for quite a while, the babies are way more brazen than the parents, they don't have such a fear of humans yet.

this is the biggest baby - hanging out just outside the fence by the lemon tree. he stayed there for like an hour - freaked me out at first because i was outside cleaning furniture - and there he was... chillin out.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to have your own aviary! Those hawks are amazing.