Monday, August 24, 2009


We survived the first year, and now the first birthday party! Both were a stunning success... stressful - yes, worth it... absolutely!

Since Liams bday last Wednesday, life has been crazy. I promise I will post some good zoo pics - but need to get the party pics in today. So..
Wed - Zoo and small family celebration. Thursday - Work, then picked up G-link and Pops from the airport.
Friday - Work, then party prep
Saturday - PARTY!
So, a little about the party. It was a Luau. This we had already decided when we were in Hawaii while I was pregnant. We went to the Old Lahaina Luau where we learned that the Luau originated as a traditional Hawaiian celebration of the first year of life - appropriate enough! Also - we had decorated our old house in a Hawaiian theme and had lots of stuff which made it easy to decorate. Can you beleive we still haven't opened the gifts Liam received at the party?? busy busy busy. And I am sure all the gifts will be wonderful - but in retrospect, there were three GIFTS that were priceless, not the kind that can be gift wrapped either.
1) my parents. they saved us. they helped us SO much while they were here... they are so amazing. THANK YOU.
2) we got a SURPRISE visit from our cape cod ladies! Sherri and Ashley showed up at our door for the Luau - HUGE SURPRISE... i was bawling. You guys.. how did you manage this crazy surprise.
3) the awesome cake that Kammy made. She refused to let my buy a costco cake and said "i am making him a cake"... i accepted the offer - i didn't ask what it would look like or taste like - i left it in her extremely talented hands and was blown away by the results (yummy and adorable). THANKS kammalamm!

anyway - here is the day in photos. I took a million, these are just a few. we had so much fun!

The Hawaiian Queens!
G-link and Grammy M.
(grammy M's Muu-muu is over 50 years old!!)

THE CAKE... how cute right?

a close up of some of the detailing.

the party is getting started and everyone is READY for a Luau. i was so stoked that everyone got so into character!

one of the "surprise" guests... miss smashley w/ the lima bean

mama bear and smashley :) thanks for making the trip!

funny observations in this photo. the little boy in the orange is ian, my friend kims son - he and liam are about a week apart in age - and could pass for twins. look at todd, he is hangin in the baby jail, and lovin on sophie. that bottle is not liams...

notice the little boys all eating up by the tiki bar? they were so cute.

daddy love.



Isn't G-link beautiful?

I would say the birthday boy had fun!


becoming-mom said...

Yay!!!! What a smashing success! Perfect theme, adorable cake and lots and lots of friends and fun!

Anonymous said...

this was fun, fun, fun! Miss the little love bug already! Party #1 was perfection!!!!!!!!