Sunday, August 2, 2009

Grand-bob is here!

My papa is in town!
He had some work training to do in San Diego, and was nice enough to make the 4 hour drive up to LA on a Friday night to spend an extra day with us! THANKS DAD! He came in on a Friday and met Kurt and Chris in Malibu for a drink and some sliders on the Malibu pier... Kurt was dying to show him his Harley, as Pops is also in the market... one day soon dad, you will have your bike too!!! (btw he says he wants TWO Harleys, one for Oregon, and one for California!! LOL). Kurt was gone on Saturday, but Grandpa Bob and Liam got so spend some quality time together - they swam and danced! Dad was teaching Liam to appreciate music from the 50's, 60's and 70's.... he even showed Lima bean some cool daddi-o dance moves. Dad loves classic cars, we randomly found a classic car show that was local - so we did that too!!! We packed a lot of fun into one day. More car pics later... it was so much fun having him here, I think Liam loved it almost as much as I did. We can't wait for Liam's bday when he comes back accompanied by the lovely G-link!

Dance Party USA... probably "Surfin Safari" !


Taylor said...

What a nice pop pop.
PS. My uncle is rockin' for a 60 year old, actually, he is rockin' for any age.

These are sweet pictures.

Anonymous said...

cute Hubby, cute grandbaby. Who could ask for more.

becoming-mom said...

So cute! Jasper LOVES his grandpa too, it's a very special bond :)