Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A new perspective...

I know, I know - the law states that you can turn the car seat around when your baby reaches BOTH one year of age AND 22 lbs... so, he hasn't OFFICIALLY reached one year... but blew past that weight requirement months ago... so - we are taking that risk, and we turned the car seat around! He is having so much fun checking out this new world of forward facing passenger! We even have a little tv screen, so he can watch his favorite shows (not that he really has FAVORITE shows... but, at least there is a distraction of moving pictures)... and actually, he is usually way more interested in what is going on OUTSIDE the windshield than anything happening inside the car (even "Finding Nemo")!

Liam's new view

Happy baby!

.. and my favorite part of this whole thing... look at what I get to see in the rear view mirror :)


Anonymous said...

too cute. Getting to be a big boy now. And officialy 1 in just over a week. It has gone by fast!

Tiffany said...

in the words of Liam ... "COOL!!!!"