Friday, February 26, 2010

re-tah go!

that is "liamese" for "Ready to go!" or "Ready to go?"

which he IS... in these pics.

he cracks me up. yesterday he says "re-tah go" then picked up my keys and his lunch bag... and walked to the front door. He carried that lunch bag over his shoulder (like i do my purse)... and clenched onto those keys.
Hmmm... wonder if he has seen me grab keys/purse and say "Liam - are you ready to go" a time or two????

how could i not be "re-tah-go?" with a camera?



Anonymous said...

these are cute as can be! And he is definetly ready to go! such a cutie pie!

Tiffany said...

Very Cute! Gosh he doesn't even look like the same kid!

becoming-mom said...

I am LOL here at my desk.. the cuteness!! Jasper love to drag bags around too. when he wants to go he just runs and gets his coat and then brings me my boots and says "mommy coat" and "out, out!" :)