Monday, February 22, 2010

wild animal show

Liam's friend Tye invited him to come and see a wild animal show over the weekend. They got to see two owls, hawks, a ferret, a skunk, a possum, bobcat and more. The kids liked the show - but I think they had more fun playing outside after the show!

Are these two of the cutest little guys you have ever seen? Both of their mommies are very surprised that neither of them were chosen in the baby gap contest!


Anonymous said...

they looked like they were havin some fun! And totally should have been the Gap boys chosen!

Anonymous said...

You crack me, and why is my child always sticking out his tongue?!?


becoming-mom said...

I was quite shocked too that Jasper didn't win the gap contest.. I mean there were only 10 gazillion other babies entered right?

The pics are too cute, I particularly love Liam's little gangsta pose in the third one from the bottom.

Kasey said...

he's so cute;-)