Monday, February 8, 2010

white truffle mac n cheese

thank you Kasey at Lola B. your white truffle mac n cheese is TD4! Although your ingredients containers and loverly dishes are much prettier than mine – AND you are brave enough to take those cool action photos of the mac pouring into the boiling water… and you managed to get that cool stream of cheese pouring… WHILE catching some on your tongue… i bow down to you. and thank you kindly for sharing your recipe - we had fun making our version and it brought smiles to the faces of the crazy 8’s, a pair or three of jokers plus a limabean over at T&K’s house for super bowl sunday.

because I got cheese crazy and over grated the cheese… i increased the cheese to about 1 cup ish… from the 3/4 cup of fontina/gruyere/white cheddar.
AND since my macaroni came in a 1 lb bag… i just dumped the whole darn thing in. YEAH… i probably doubled the parm topping too… but i like parm… and i like crispy delicious topping.

mac chz 2 mac n chz 1 mac n chz 3 mac n chz 4 mac n chz 5 mac n chz 6


Anonymous said...

mmmm looks delish! A step or two above the kraft mac and cheese I would have done from the box.

Anonymous said...

oh, forgot to add "I also love the weekends", and for that same reason with the clothes. But Liam looks much cuter that way than I do.

Kasey said...

I am so glad you liked it. You are a riot, i add
the whole bag of mac also, it's kinda like breaking
the rules right;-)

Kammy Kenman said...

It was so good-had some for lunch yesterday...I think Todd snagged the rest for lunch today!!! Kam
PS loved your photo shoot of all the ingredients...gettin' good!

kadensmommy said...

oh this looks SUPER yummy!!!