Thursday, February 4, 2010

she's a beaut.

no... she's not a macbook pro. but i love her just the same.
the new DELL arrived today, she doesn't have a name yet... maybe DELL-ilah. as in "hey there delilah" it seems to suit her.

this is her first official blog post, and so far so good... now, if i could just figure out windows 7!
then on to installing all the fun stuff.



Anonymous said...

congrats on "Delilah! or should I just say woo hoo skype here we come! That's the thing I will have to figure out.

becoming-mom said...

yay! New computers are so much fun :)

I was watching a commercial last night for best buy and they were showing how these new laptops can wirelessly transmit to your TV?? I so want that! Does yours do this? So great for photo viewing :)