Wednesday, May 5, 2010

AMAZING pasta in 15....

When the Cat's away ... the mice will play...

not to worry - these meeses ... (me and kammy) generally only play in the kitchenwhen our beloveds are away,

Tonight was the typical:
kammy: hey - i am thinking of blowing off my plans - are you around
me: yes, but i'm home w/ Limabean
kammy: ok - what you got in the fridge
me: not much... pasta in the pantry, and some herbs in the garden
kammy: great - i have some yummy tomatoes and some mozzarella

me: great - come on over!

so - here's how it goes down:

1 pot boiling water
1 package of pasta - we used: "riccioli" from costco...
1 pint little cute delicious grape or cherry - in season local tomaotes
a few garlic cloves
a bunch of basil from the garden
a container of the little mozzarella balls (ciliegiene)
sprinkles of grated parmesan cheese
splashes of great olive oil

boil the water.
plop in the pasta - 11 min.
reserve some of the water

drain the pasta and put pasta into a bowl
add tomatoes, chopped basil, crushed garlic, mozzarella and olive oil
add some reserved water as needed
sprinkle w/ parm - s&p as you like.
toss... serve..


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Anonymous said...

looks and sounds yummy!!!