Thursday, May 27, 2010


You know the saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure"? It's true. Or at least in our "hood" it is. Around here we see all kinds of things sitting next to the trash cans on trash day. In fact just today on our morning walk, we saw a king sized matress set (it was black and floral and probably from the '80's) and we saw an orange velour rocking chair, a broken down bar cart some random well-loved outdoor furniture...

and THEN... just 2 houses down from ours, we saw THIS....
a well-loved kid-kitchen! it was super dirty and had probably been kept outside, maybe stored along the side of their house for a year or more... and was covered in stickers - lots of them said things like "girl power" and "100% angel"... i said - "hey kurt, do you think beanie would want that"... and he said "sure"... so we picked it up and walked on up to the house for a little detailing before Liam got home from daycare!

He calls his new toy "kitch" and likes to pretend to wash dishes and cook things.
He even made me a golden graham and fruit loop salad last night (a career as a chef just may be in his future)

he is not so much of a food snob that he doesn't use a microwave..
(we didn't get ALL of the stickers off... we left a few)
even Jinx and Ace are benefiting from the new "kitch"


Anonymous said...

oh boy, that was a great find... and you didn't even have to dive. Looks like he is having fun! xoxo

becoming-mom said...

Wow, I wish I found stuff like that in my neighbor's trash!! Jasper would LOVE that..