Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Nope, this post isn't about twitter. just a little birdie update.
They are getting bigger - and cute - and NOISY.
Not sure how many there are - i think i counted six.. and they are outgrowing their nest very quickly. I think they are almost ready for flight lessons and to be kicked out of the nest.
Although love that mamabird chose this location so close to my door, and right at waist level so i can keep an eye on what is going on - I will be happy to get my door and outdoor table back. We have been avoiding that area of the yard (except to take photos and a quick peek once in a while) as not to disturb this growing family so they feel safe here.

aren't they cute?

to see what they USED to look like!!

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Anonymous said...

they are very cute! I also saw the nest # 2 on fliker site. They must love your yard.