Thursday, May 20, 2010


so - you know the little "coy" thing i mentioned in my monthly letter to Liam...

here it is - well a little bit - not the FULL blown "coy act"... but he's got pretty good game goin on here. i am beginning to think that this is a happy thing... because he LOOOVES sitting on daddy's bike... so its more like a "coy to joy" kind of thing... i have a ton of pics from this little impromptu photo shoot - i just couldn't stop shooting, and i can't narrow down any photos either. i don't think i have posted an edited photo in months (these also are SOOC) i keep thinking if i could just narrow them down - i would take the time to edit... but, that hasn't happened... and sleep is too important to me to stay up late nights to do it :) so - enjoy Mr. Coy in all of his un edited glory!

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Anonymous said...

very, very sweet. I remember that little coy look when he saw Rocky (roxie?)the clown on Easter. Adorable then, adorable now!