Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy 21 months Liam

Dear 21 Lima Bean,

The next time we celebrate this number; it will be over a cold beer. (god help me)
You are SO Liam. There is no other word for you – so, “Liam” it is. I’ve never met anyone like you – you make me smile every day, and you make me crazy sometimes… your giggle is infectious and your sweet little voice is like music to my ears.

Recently you have become shy – coy rather. You understand that it’s pretty cute and you use it to your advantage. You do this thing where you scrunch your shoulder all up against your head and kind of bury your face into it… and then you smile sheepishly… it melts my heart… and the lady at costco… and all the girls at the salon… and gail at daycare. Your shyness is endearing but it is a slow process for you to get warmed up to people in social situations. Last weekend at Tye’s birthday, it took a good 15 minutes before you released your death grip on Daddy and got up enough gumption to go play with the other kids… but when you finally do get your independent streak – you make friends quickly. We love watching you interact with your friends and are proud that you are neither the bully nor the pushover J My “laid back” baby boy!

Your vocabulary is blowing UP. You repeat everything. You are starting to call your daddy “Kurt”… in fact last Sunday we were at our small group – and you were outside playing with the other kids, when you strolled by the screen door and caught a glimpse of him and yelled “KUUUUURT”… the cute outburst was a welcome disruption to our study on Phillipians!

You love that you can recognize things and KNOW what they are. You point in the sky “BIRRRD”… You see a puppy while on our walk “DOOOOGGG”… we drive by a soccer field “BALL BALLL BALLL BALLLLL BALLL” you pull open the refrigerator and most of the time request “CHHEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!”– this is pretty much how our days go.

The summer is starting – and your birthday is just around the corner – how can you be closing in on TWO (which by the way is your FAVORITE number to say, and it sounds more like "toe" when you say it... but we both know that it is TWO!). We are going to try to relish in the fact, and squeeze as much fun as we can into these very last months of you just being ONE.

I love you Mr. 21!
Your mama.

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Anonymous said...

Liam, happy 21 month birthday! We are so lucky to have YOU for our grandson! Grampa and I love you soooooooooooooooooooo much!