Friday, January 21, 2011

64 degrees and SNOWING!!!!

Yet another reason we LOVE Liam's school - SNOW DAY! This morning they brought in several TONS of snow to their play ground for the kids to enjoy. This morning it was 64 degrees and sunny! We all had been talking about snow day for a couple of weeks, so Liam was good and ready for it. He was up early today - excited, and had his gear on about 45 minutes before it was time to head out the door! Unfortunately... about 4 minutes before it actually WAS time to go - he ripped off his boots, and hat and scarf and said NO SNOW DAY. I WANT TO STAY HOME! NOOOO GO TO SNOW DAY! (it was dramatic and pretty out of character). I finally got him calmed down enough to get into the car and get on the road. The minute we pulled into school - he went into mass hysterics again... I'm trying to hold him to carry him into school and he pulls the limp body thing (loads of fun)... and makes a big scene with crying and crocodile tears. Once again I get him calmed down enough to join his friends outside - which he is excited about - but once he gets out there, he wants NOTHING to do with the snow. NOW he wants DADDY! (who couldn't come with us because he was on an important conference call). I am beginning to think that he will be snow traumatized forever - and getting ready to sign him up for therapy - when DADDY shows up. Immediately Liam is all smiles and ready to sled down the big hill! Thank god for Kurt - he really saved the day today - and everybody ended up having a REALLY fun time.

Getting ready for SNOW DAY!

Before Daddy arrived - just looking at the snow - the uber close up is because this is about as far away from me as he would get... clinging on most of the time.
Another pre-daddy arrival shot.
This is what 4 tons of snow in Los Angeles looks like!


After snow day, they changed into comfy clothes and had donuts and hot chocolate.
I think he liked the donut!
I think Taylor did too (the little girl to his right)
Sharing his hot chocolate with Ms. Danielle.


Anonymous said...

looks like tons of fun! glad Kurt was able to make it and save the day. xoxo gma

becoming-mom said...

LOVE those photos of Liam and daddy! They did the same thing for us when I lived in florida as a young child.. it was so much fun, I still remember it and my mom has pictures. Come to NY, you guys can have the real thing- and then some! We are in the middle of like our 5th storm this season :)