Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Santa Was Here!

No trip to see the mall santa this year...Santa came to US.
He did.

So - I have "upgraded" to the new blogger format - and unfortunately cannot figure out how to rotate my photos the correct way - and the video isn't uploading (technical difficulties) so, I will work on it. but without further adieu, i bring you... THE SANTA VISIT (this was about 3 days before Christmas.

Liam sat right up on his lap as he asked him what he wanted for Christmas... Liam replied "a Woody doll" (which Kurt quickly corrected as "um Santa, he means a Woody ACTION FIGURE!"

Ask and ye shall recieve! He got one! How does Santa just KNOW?

The next morning, Liam had to wear his Buzz outfit to hang out with his pal Woody!

This is Liam looking up to the "elves" saying - "SEE Elves... I've been a good boy - Santa brought me what I asked for.... um... thanks for sending a good report!!!"

Hopefully I can figure out my technical difficulties soon - until then.... don't strain your neck!

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Anonymous said...

That was a special Santa visit for sure!! Bet Liam was happy to see him come through the front door, as I know he was worried Santa would get hurt coming down the chimney. He does love his woody doll (action figure).