Friday, January 14, 2011


... that is what Liam called his gingerbread house!
Gramma and Grampa were the head engineers on this project - but Liam was the foreman on the job. Too bad he had a taste for his project! He loved building the house... ALMOST as much as he loved eating the house and it's decoration.
They used super sticky sugar cement to hold the walls together, and adorned the exterior with M&M's, gumdrops, mini marshmallows and other random sweets.
By Jan 1st, Liam had eaten every last marshmallow off the roof!

What a fun and festive afternoon!

Gramma and Grampa working away while Liam almost ate the project!
Doing what he does best...
Again... fingers and building material IN HIS MOUTH - at this point the rule became "5 to 1"... meaning 5 candies on the house to every 1 in your mouth!

Happy grands!

Putting on the final touches
The house even had an icicle or two... (Liam kept calling them bicycles!)

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Anonymous said...

that was such a fun project! Liam did a fantastic job as decorater and foreman! Next year maybe we will do a 2 story gingerbread-man-house.